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History of money:

In around 6000 BC barter system of exchanging goods was used, later Babylonians developed the system of measurement for money and coastal regions used shells as money and worn them as ornament.

In kingdom of Lydia coins out of silver were made and used as money exchange for the authenticity gods and conquerors pictures were imprinted

In 118 BC Chinese used leather squares of deerskin as money and later again Chinese were the once who developed paper money and on the visit of Marco polo, paper money was documented and the concept flourished in Europe first European paper note was printed in Sweden.

Global financial crisis occurred in 2008 and A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System’ was released as first cryptocurrency, which is a financial transaction system online. And the as historical movement from vintage till future using all method of money.

Blockchain & Its use cases:

The legitimacy of each cryptocurrency's coins is given by a block chain. A block chain may be a persistently developing list of records, called pieces, which are connected and secured utilizing cryptography. Each piece of ordinarily contains a hash pointer as a interface to a past square and exchange information By plan, block chains are intrinsically safe to alteration of the information. It is "an open, disseminated record that can record exchanges between two parties productively and in a unquestionable and lasting way\" Once recorded, the information in any given piece cannot be changed retroactively without the modification of all ensuing pieces, which.

The exchange is known nearly quickly by the total arrange. But as it were after a specific amount of time it gets confirmed. Confirmation could be a basic concept in crypto currencies. You'll say that crypto currencies are all approximately confirmation. As long as a exchange is unsubstantiated, it is pending and can be fashioned. When a exchange is affirmed, it is set in stone. It is now not forgeable, it can‘t be turned around, it is part of an permanent record of verifiable exchanges: of the so-called block chain. After a exchange is affirmed by a mineworker, each hub needs to include it to its database. It has ended up portion of the piece chain. proudly announces its main data base using blockchain technology, apart from token and any coin. because of its Big data technology and its compatibility with block chain is using this method of currency for a lot of advantages.

Advantages of Cryptocurrency

Crypto currencies hold the guarantee of making it less demanding to exchange stores straightforwardly between two parties, without the requirement for a trusted third party like a bank or credit card company. These exchanges are instep secured by the utilize of open keys and private keys and distinctive shapes of motivation frameworks, like Verification of Work or Confirmation of Stake. In present day cryptocurrency frameworks, a user's "wallet," or account address, features a open key, whereas the private key is known as it were to the proprietor and is utilized to sign exchanges. Support exchanges are completed with negligible preparing expenses, permitting clients to dodge the soak expenses charged by banks and budgetary educate for wire transfers. which is choosing all method from old fashion and new generation of currencies. Other advantages of cryptocurrency is that it is safe and have no security issues in the transaction perspective, other than that cryptocurrency has got good speed and accessibility for the wide range of users and that is the main reason uses cryptocurrency due to its user friendly benefits. Not only that using cryptocurrency saves the user from the official paper work that is required in almost every bank and money holding organisatins.

Why uses cryptocurrency for transactions uses cryptocurrency for transaction because of the one main reason and that is the benefit of no transaction fee which is user friendly as other banks and organization charges or deducts the transaction fee but by using cryptocurrency way of transaction, users will not be charged with transaction fee.

Another major benefit of using cryptocurrency in the transaction process of is that it stays away from third party interference be it government or any other organization. All the transactions remain peer to peer with high speed and accessibility for the users all over the world without the boundary restrictions and for the users having security concerns are at the best position of using cryptocurrency because of its safe accessibility, it is fair for all people using high level of technology for high level of users Central customer care Department

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