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ROC (Return On Corporation) is the term used for users incomes on the platform generated through an arbitrage process. services and products are designed according to international laws and regulated according to the needs of the cryptocurrency market. If in any case the crypto market is illegal in any country then its totally up to the user to find its own legalisations.
No, you will have to pay for both contracts separately. is an International platform, the team belongs to every continent. It is not destined to a single country. Yet its HQ is located in the beautiful city of Hong Kong. accepts a few sort of cryptocurrencies such as USDT, Bitcoin and Ethereum. also provides banking solutions for payments and credit cards as payment gateway. Among all, suggests cryptocurrency because it is the fastest and most secure way to finalize the payment.
Anyone with the minimum age of 18 can be part of the team. It doesn’t matter which part of this world you are from.
The platform has been made in a very simple way, and its so user friendly that it would require no prior training or learning. Yet there are videos and trainings made for the participants to be able to use the platform and enjoy its benefits.
No, you cannot share the content or information of without permission, it is mentioned in terms and conditions of and is strictly forbidden.
No, the company will only terminate the contract if there are any violations found in the rules and regulation of the contract, and in case of violating the rules, no rights are there to request for anything.
No, the period of the Sharia contract or any other contract would not change.
The Personal Information that we collect is used for providing and improving the Service to our clients only. We will not use or share your information with anyone except as described in the Privacy Policy.
Yes, will inform you 5 days before the cancellation of the contract.
No, the Arbitrage would be offered to the customer and the profit would be splitted between the corporation and the user based on the accuracy of the final results.
The members can get a direct benefit by using an arbitrage high tech system and ROC and by learning innovative ways to make more wealth wisely with our logical leverages and amazing compensation plans. uses a very high secure system and dedicated host and server to store all kinds of information, which will not vanish and will be kept safe for the coming years.
Not all cryptocurrencies are according to Sharia, except those which come under Sharia Contract.
BVarb.Com supports all altcoins which have valuations in main markets and have potential.
No, supports other Artificial Intelligence related crypto & ecosystems.
The essence of flawless, error-free arbitrage makes stand out. arbitrage engine analyses live data through its own unique algorithm.
No, would not make any changes as everything is according to international laws. Country laws are to be adhire by users.
Yes,You can do the Arbitrage individually but in other phases of the platform. gathers people from all over the world, brings them on a single platform, and promotes mutual understanding, love, and peace.
The bonus would be given on the same date of every month, so if the date comes before the end of the contract the bonus would be given.
No, has designed the whole system according to the international laws. Nothing violates the rules.
The members of are from different nations with different cultures which shows that the platform is culturally rich.
1.2 Billion dollars of investment would be from in media, blockchain, e-training centers. And it will act as an innovative gateway by the end of 2025.
The company would investigate the case if it is found that the user has violated the rules, then appropriate actions would be taken in place.
No, any natural disaster or pandemic situation would not affect the contract because the system runs online. accepts cryptocurrencies such as USDT, Bitcoin and Ethereum. also provides banking solutions for payments and credit cards as payment gateway. Among all, suggests cryptocurrency because it is the fastest and most secure way to finalize the payment.
All the users will be profit sharing with the platform. Every transaction will be accumulated and the final amount will be shared between users and the platform.
ROI means Return Of Investment, while is not an investment platform or bank. It is an Arbitrage platform, and is based on the cooperation of users where Return On Cooperation (ROC) are the bonuses that they get because they cooperate in each contract.
“Fund” is the bonus that you receive in the arbitrage process, or what is called to be ROC. You can withdraw it according to the rules of the company but it is not transferable and you cannot directly cooperate with the “Fund” in contracts or algorithms. You can exchange and convert your “Fund” to “Chip” and with chips, you can buy an algorithm or cooperate in contracts and use it as a bonus in other phases of the platform. “Chips” are transferable but you cannot withdraw it, nor can you convert chips to the Fund. Any deposit you make to the platform is called Chip and obviously its not withdrawable.
Yes it is mandatory. if they do not complete their KYC process, they cannot do anything with their finances like transferring, exchanging, withdrawals, etc.
Not at all. First of all, they should agree to the complementary acknowledgment agreement, then after accepting all parts, they can enjoy the leveraging system.
Yes, all users must fill all the sections.
You can use crypto or even local exchanges. This is the power of which can match and go along with all financial tools around the globe.
An algorithm is the executive arm of BigData and AI and it is like your engine for processing towards the arbitrage, and you must have an algorithm before cooperating with the contracts. In a much simpler way, an algorithm is the engine of the platform that generates ROC for you.
From the registration part and also from the cooperation section in your back office.
No, you just need to activate your algorithm one time.
As many as you want, but for your cooperation you only need one. You can transfer the extra ones to the other users if you want to.
Yes, we do offer a few different languages and we are doing our best to add more languages onto the website for our users.
The only restriction is the age limit. The age limit is 18 and above.
We, as the platform, keep all licenses and documents which are the requirement of every business in this industry, but there is certainly no guarantee in any business and it always carries risk. We manage a strong system and use the latest technologies for arbitrage, apart from that we are transparent to our users and we try our best to keep everything clear by reporting arbitrage in crypto to our users.
Yes. But this is temporary, and in near future the values might be different.
Each person can only register one account in
It will be added to your portfolio as a bonus and you can use the bonus in other parts of the platform during the upcoming plans of the ecosystem.
No, it cannot. you are only able to use the bonus into the ecosystem, and if you make money through it then you can withdraw the income. Central customer care Department

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