The BV platform model is designed using intelligent tools for instance we have got big data, algorithm, and artificial intelligence in such a way that it can stake and arbitrage in financial markets such as cryptocurrencies, altcoins, NFT, crypto sport, which is mainly supported by the intelligent hybrid engine to bring optimal and win-win income to the users who intend to work and cooperate with the BV platform. In order to cooperate and use the intelligent engines of the BV platform, the users have the ability to make their future income and work clearly by concluding a direct contract with the BV company. Therefore, the BV platform has decided to sign a contract with its partners in two directions namely, The global contract and the Sharia contract further explained below:

The global contract:
The global contract is one of the company comprehensive contracts with users around the world who intend to cooperate with the BV company and further want to partner with the BV platform. It is a 24-month contract based on the content of the win-win situation, which is solely according to the principles of the World Trade Organization and it also complies with all the international laws concerning the same subject of discussion. It is the responsibility of the participants to prepare and comply with their regional and local laws since they would be knowing better and way more about their local laws. Since BV is a global platform, and during these twenty-four months, the partners can have various incomes from the platform based on the package of his/her choice. Given the new decade ahead of the world, it is definitely one of the best solutions to achieve financial freedom and get rid of slavery in the payment system over time, because it is the wish and need of every partner to feel and have some financial freedom and this is provided by our company due to the type of strategies used and the working model of BV.

The Sharia contract has been designed mainly due to a large number of financial market enthusiasts in the field of cryptocurrencies and arbitrage in different parts of the world, including the Middle East/Southeast Asia, Central Asia, as well as throughout Europe and the United States, several people believe in the Sharia and feel more comfortable while using or getting involved in activities that follow the laws of Sharia.

It is very important that their cooperation and contract is in accordance with their cultural teachings and their region. Therefore, BV Company, considering the important issues in the sharia system, has established a separate contract for them, which is completely logical and in accordance with their culture. They share in all the profits and losses of the company as a partner and their contract period is 36 months while their income is mainly based on the company profit and is never fixed, mostly it depends on the company profit in halal financial markets. Certainly, one of the most productive activities of the company is in those markets that are accepted as customary in the view of people of following the Sharia Law, and the BV platform, considering its high personal and financial potential in the desired areas and relying on its strategies and smart business model, intends to expand the halal financial market (even its multi-billion market is in food industry). For believers in those areas extensively in order to take full advantage of all available potentials for financial freedom and free choice, and to fully unleash the core internal potential of humanity.

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